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The Chaseyama Permaculture Club

The Chaseyama Permaculture Club (CPC) started in 2006 with 32 farmers after we organised an exchange visit to CELUCT in Chikukwa. The first CPC members came from Hapare village in Ward 3.  Soon the idea expanded into other villages across the wards that we work in. As of August 2022, we now have over 600 members in 39 villages in wards 2, 3, 5, 6 and 20.

The CPC is run by a central committee of 7 members. Each village runs its own CPC led by village chairpersons. The village CPCs give updates on their plans to the central committee as well as on any matters that arise within their areas. The central committee then take actions if they can, or they share the issue with PORET to find a suitable solution.

Members currently pay an annual subscription of USD$1. This fee is agreed at the Annual General Meeting held by the end of each year. Funds from the annual subscriptions are managed by the members, who use it to support their agroecological activities and for logistics and prizes for the Seed Fair which happens once a year.

The CPC is, essentially, the engine of PORET. It is critical for project implementation. Members implement a wide range of projects designed according to their needs. PORET staff assist with technical support as required. Such projects include seed production, nursery skills and management, land use designs, soil and water management, Holistic Livestock and watershed management. CPC members also organise field days, do resource mobilisation to support their work, and conduct exchange visits to learn from others in and outside the District.

Daniel Bande CPC Chairperson.jpeg

"I'm Daniel Bande, current  Chairperson of the CPC. I am into small livestock, building soil fertility & water harvesting. I have been working with PORET for over 10 years. We are now food secure from the knowledge that we got from PORET."

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