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The Kindergarten


PORET is situated in the midst of a community of farmers. The nearest school is about 5km away in Chaseyama. This makes it difficult for the small children of the farmers to get to a kindergarten. In 2008, we decided that providing the children of the farmers who work with PORET with early childhood education facilities close to home would be a valuable resource. Parents are able to do their work rather than take long walks to drop children at school and babysit children who can’t walk the distance. As PORET is a Learning Centre for farmers, the children of the Kindergarten learn about sustainable agriculture in addition to the usual curriculum.

The Kindergarten has two classrooms that were designed by German architect Anna Heringer, and funded by Crossing Borders. They were built using the Zulu Beehive design which help to keep the temperatures inside low.  


This year, 2022, we have 17 children of ages ranging from 4-6 years in the Kindergarten. Two qualified teachers, mothers themselves, care and help the children to have a good start to their education and a head start in life.


Unfortunately, after 7 years the thatched grass became infested with termites, which are found in abundance in this area. As a solution, we have modified the structures to have stone walls round the base of the structures, lifting the thatch off the ground. This work was again generously supported by Crossing Borders.

Support for the Kindergarten has also come in the form of setting up a food garden for use by the teachers and children, thanks to a grant from Unicorn in 2017. This has offered an additional learning opportunity for the children, whilst providing them with nutritious fresh food during school time. Surplus is also available for the parents.



Please visit this link to see our director Julious Piti explaining why having a kindergarten at the PORET Learning Centre is so important for our work.   


The kindergarten consists of two classrooms built using the Zulu Beehive design. These help to keep the temperatures in the classrooms low. The buildings were designed by German architect Anna Herringer. 

IMG_20191029_093411 (1).jpg

Inside the classroom: here are the 2019 intake of children with their teachers inside the cool classroom. 

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