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A visit from our donors

We were delighted to welcome a delegation from our donor the SDC to PORET Learning Centre this month. The SDC also supports our sister organisations TSURO Trust and CELUCT in Chimanimani District. These funds are channeled through the Seed and Knowledge Initiative.

After monitoring TSURO's projects, we took the SDC representatives Frederique and Bulisani Ncube, as well as representatives from TSURO and CELUCT, to visit Elias Mazungunye's field in Zvokuitirwa Village and our own Learning Centre in Chaseyama.

At the Learning Centre we held a debriefing discussion. The following was agreed as the way forward for our organisations:

1. Plan duties for each organisation eg PORET will train farmers on land use designing and practicals. TSURO and CELUCT will send their farmers to be trained.

2. Develop a 5-year research plan (advocating for change, at ward, district and national levels) should include relevant local stakeholders. Evidence based data can influence change.

3. Improve Monitoring and Evaluation (to check the level of influence done by farmers in the community).

4. Equip all groups (including youths) in the society in agroecology.

5. Strengthen gender and HIV/AIDS mainstreaming in the community.

We all agreed to work closely with each other, and to plan and implement activities that are sustainable and helpful to all the farmers in Chimanimani District. There is need to improve monitoring systems in all organisations so that all information is recorded, processed and used well.

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