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PORET's Seed Fair finale

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Seed Fairs are one of the chief events that the PORET & the Chaseyama Permaculture Club (CPC) use to bring people together to share seed and knowledge. It is a special day where farmers gather to celebrate their seeds.

This year, the set-up has been a little different due to the restrictions imposed by Covid-19. Over the last week, seed fairs have been taking place at village level. At each fair, a judge announced the winning CPC member and runner up. This led to an event at PORET Centre where all those who had taken these positions in each village gathered to exhibit their seeds.

Displaying started in the late afternoon of the 20 May, stretching into the morning of 21 May. Over 70 different varieties of crops were displayed by 52 farmers, men and women. These included varieties of sorghum, round and groundnuts, sunflowers, sesame, pumpkins, watermelons, both finger and peal millet, magaka, beans, cowpeas and maize.

The final day started with sweet melodies from the farmers. Many other farmers came to witness the event from different areas, as far as Buhera and Mutare, bringing the total number of participants who registered to 184.

While the final judging was taking place by Veterinary and Agritex officers, participants and visitors were treated to speeches on seeds and agroecology. Traditional dancing and drama were a big part of the day’s entertainment, with an assortment of traditional dances from the local farmers and from farmers from other areas. This made it the first of its kind for PORET, the whole Centre was awash with the lovely deep sound of music by joyful farmers.

All 52 exhibiting farmers went away smiling with a prize, ranging from shovels, Kango pots, dinner plates and Tshirts.

As usual, when it comes to seed, lots of lessons were drawn from the event, both by farmers and by PORET as an organisation.


Glydis Zhlakama at her seed display

Dorcus Mutsadyanga of Maukunei Village Ward 6 posing at her display

Clever Garirofa taking the seed inventory during the event

Receiving prizes for their displays

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