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Village Seed Fair a success

Chaseyama Permaculture Club members in Nemutenzi Village, Ward 5, today held a community seed fair. 14 seed exhibitors came to showcase their traditional seed varieties. 12 community members who are not part of the club came to witness and learn from the event.

Farmers displayed a wide variety of seeds including the major crops grown in this area, ecological region 5 of the Chimanimani District - sorghum, pearl millet, cow peas, beans, ground nuts, round nuts, watermelons, sunflower. The displays comprised the 5-star nutritional values of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.

All exhibitors have been through the agroecology trainings offered by PORET. Through this approach, farmers manage to get a better yield that sustains both their food and seed security.

This is one of the first Seed Fairs that has been self-organised by the communities, rather than through PORET. Villages in other wards are also in the process of holding their seed fairs. The Annual Seed Fair had been an important annual event for PORET but due to the restrictions on gatherings brought about by Covid-19, we have decentralized and encouraged communities to organise their own. This is proving to be a successful strategy and we are looking forward to seeing more of the communities that we work with hold their own fairs.

The community put up the prizes at Mr G Hanyana's homestead.

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