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PORET honoured with Environment Stewardship & Sustainability Innovation Award

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

PORET has received an award from the 2020 Manicaland Province edition of the Environmental Responsible Business and CSR Awards. The award presentation ceremony was held on the 16 October at Manicaland Holiday Inn in Mutare. This edition was organised and sponsored by CSR Network Zimbabwe in partnership with Environmental Management Agency (EMA).

According to CSR Network Zimbabwe’s post on the occasion, “the awards were inspired by the immense contribution and involvement in the upliftment of people and communities of Zimbabwe.”

We are delighted to be part of this historical event as it recognises our efforts and contribution towards environmental protection. The award highlights our work with community members towards land restoration through water harvesting using swales, mini dams, underground and above ground water tanks, and promoting ground cover. Through the use of agroecology practises such as holistic land and livestock management, conservation of watersheds and natural forest, and setting up and running tree nurseries, our Learning Centre is considered as one of the most refreshing places in Chaseyama.

Taurai Mutembedzi (Mrs Piti) attended the award ceremony. She was delighted to receive such an honour from the government on PORET’s behalf. As a community organisation working in the rural areas, it’s excellent to be recognised with such a prestigious award in the environmental stewardship sector.

PORET’s director Julious Piti, also reiterated that the environmental stewardship and sustainability innovation award is one of the best things in his organisation’s history: “It is an honour to receive such an award as it means we are doing the right thing. We urge everyone in the country to at least plant a tree and save the world from the effects of climate change. We urge the people to practise good farming practises which do not affect our environment and we also urge people to practise watershed management. If we see the environment around us, you will not like it because it’s open and people are abusing the few resources we have. So it’s better to manage the little we have and become real stewards of our environment.”

PORET wishes to thank the CSR Network Zimbabwe and EMA for honouring us with such a prestigious award.

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