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PORET hosts a culture day for the First Lady

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa on Saturday visited PORET’s Learning Centre, in Jinga Village Ward 3, Chimanimani District. This was part of a Culture Day organized as part of the “First Lady and the Girl-Child” programme. At the Centre, the First Lady interacted with different government officials, chiefs, Village heads, men, women and 20 primary school learners from Hotsprings and Chakohwa primary schools. More than 250 people from Manicaland province, mainly Chimanimani East, gathered to witness the event.

During the event, participants were put into two groups, one for the women and girls (Nhanga) and the other group for men and boys (Gota). In the women and girls group, elderly women taught the girls how to process sorghum, from threshing to winnowing, and how to kill a chicken and cook it.

The First Lady spent more time with the women and girls group, stepping up her drive to end early childhood marriage, drug abuse and sexual immorality and other challenges confronting them. This was held under the theme “Our girl, Our pride, Our future, lets invest in her”. Time was spent listening to the challenges faced by the girl child and advising them.

In the other group of boys and men, time was spent listening to the challenges faced by boys, also advising them and teaching them how to work with their hands to earn a living.

In her address to the whole gathering, the First Lady said that she is not concerned about party politics but change in behaviour. She is concerned about drug abuse, early childhood marriage, food and communication as these are important factors to be considered in shaping human behaviour and maintaining our culture. At the end of the event some elders and school learners were presented with presents.

Taking place at PORET’s Learning Centre, the event also created a platform for visitors to learn about agroecology and advocacy. Of the visit, Julious Piti, director of PORET said, “The First Lady shared with me how impressed she was with the way the Centre has been designed and noted the intergenerational learning that was taking place. She noted how all of this is being supported by the type of food system clearly on display. She also pointed out the health implications of this work and how good eating systems are so important. She stressed how youth being active is critical, as they are the leaders for tomorrow. She thanked us for keeping the trees and ensuring it is well maintained.”

Above: First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa, Mrs Priscilla Charumbira and other elderly women teaches girls traditional values and culture during dzidziso yaAmai munhanga/mugota/ixiba session in Chimanimani at PORET Centre.

Girls being taught how to make reed baskets and brooms during dzidziso yaAmai munhanga/mugota/ixiba session.

Boys being taught how to make straps to tie yokes during dzidziso yaAmai munhanga/mugota/ixiba session

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