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Soil & Water Management

All the work that we do at PORET Centre and within the communities of Chaseyama is centred around the management of soil and water. If we are to transform this land into a habitat that can sustain us into the future, withstanding all the shocks that climate change is likely to throw at us, then we have to work with Nature. Agroecology is the practise we have chosen, and at the heart of this lies soil and water. 

Holistic Livestock Management


Working holistically with livestock in the semi-arid area in which PORET works is critical for the environment. 

Water harvesting

Working in such a dry area, water harvesting is a central part of our Land Use Design. We have run many workshops in the villages to develop these skills. 

Bokashi training 12Jan2020.jpeg
Soil fertility


 If we are to get a good harvest from the crops that we grow, we need to ensure that our soil is kept fertile. We run many courses with farmers sharing knowledge on how to build the soils. 

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Desert near Chibuwe.jpeg
Climate change adaptation 

Much of the land around PORET has been degraded as a result of livestock activity and deforestation. We need to catch it before it gets much worse. 

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